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Smart Real

VR appartment tour

Smart Apartment provides 2 solutions for 2 users

1- You are a real estate broker, you will have a complete product and service through the design of apartments in your project, in which you will see how the design, production, prices are. to execute immediately, so that you can use as a means to advise customers to buy apartments fully and completely.

2- For customers who are creative designers, will create their own account, on which can collect favorite design colors, optimal design and cost. is a place where you can share and learn more ideas, connect those ideas and find suppliers, to easily complete construction design works for customers.

Smart Apartment

In addition Smart Apartment brings the experience of 4.0 technology design through vr 360 technology. Customers, suppliers, designers can connect with each other to know exactly the location, the projects they have do through google map. That brings credibility as well as its own brand.

At Smart Real, customers, brokers and suppliers will receive the highest value through intelligent evaluation using artificial intelligence technology to support customers, designers, and suppliers. provide useful information about the best-selling design products, what the market needs most, which products are the most trendy, capture the short-term and long-term trend design trends, and create trends. and future trends

How Smart Real works as a place to connect and share, Smart Real always aims to the best products, the best designs, measured through the smart evaluation market, and helping designers easily Studying and approaching modern advanced design technologies, aiming to bring the peak in domestic and foreign design.

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